I had the pleasure of working together with Line at several occasions and each time was delighted by her outstanding performance. Line has so much profound knowledge, such a strong focus on the key points and overwhelming empathy and warmth. It is a pleasure working with Line and I am sure the customers enjoyed as well.

Michael Ribeiro

MBA-Programm "Internationales Projektmanagement", Training, Beratung, Coaching,
12. Juli 2016, Michael Ribeiro war bei einem anderen Unternehmen, als er mit Line Jehle bei perform-globally.com GmbH zusammengearbeitet hat

Line is really one of the best trainers I have been working with as an HR Manager through my career. It is so important to have an experienced leadership trainer that is able to draw attention and respect from leaders in a development session. This is something Line is able to do in a very creative way and she is also very good in challenging the leaders in a constructive manor. All my line managers I have had participating Lines sessions have appreciated it and thought it was very much worth wile. They actually just wanted to get even more development opportunities with her. Line ensures development insight and encourages leaders to try new ways of meeting and communicating with their employees independently if they are working in the same office or across boarders. Line is extremely professional and has an excellent way of sharing it too develop high performing teams.

Marie Ulwahn

HR Management Consultant,
29. November 2015, Marie Ulwahn war Berater oder freiberuflicher Mitarbeiter von Line Jehle bei perform-globally.com GmbH

Line provided a training class on leading virtual teams. She has rich knowledge about performance, culture and communication in virtual/global teams. The learning experience was very interactive by using group work and small exercises. It was one of the best training classes I ever had and I could directly apply it to my daily work.

Tobias Leisgang

Systems Engineering Manager at Texas Instruments,
14. August 2013, Tobias Leisgang war bei einem anderen Unternehmen, als er mit Line Jehle bei perform-globally.com GmbH zusammengearbeitet hat.

Line is one of the trainers I have had the pleasure to learn form. Her personal style, the years of experience and understanding of our business demands were critical to our succes. Line is able to conduct a simple, yet effective, curriculum and masters to effectively communicate within an multinational company. I definitely recommend Line and her company to businesses which need and want to improve their communication (internal and external) and in the end achieve better business results.

Erik Diepering

Director, Sales EMEA @Ethoca,
17. März 2011, Erik Diepering war Kunde von Line Jehle

Line is a great expert in cross-cultural communication and an excellent facilitator. Cooperate with her is always a pleasure. She’s fast, flexible and creative. I strongly reccomend Line as a serious professionist.

Patrizia Turri

Global Vice President Human Resources at Jobrapido,
11. März 2011, Patrizia Turri war Kunde von Line Jehle

Mit Line Jehle habe ich bereits in Karlsruhe im Yello Frontoffice erfolgreich zusammengearbeitet. Dort unterstützte sie bei der Entwicklung und Implementierung des Coaching-Konzeptes Kundenbetreuer und Teamleiter.

Auf Grund ihrer internationalen/interkulturellen Erfahrungen (insbes. Skandinavien) lag es auf der Hand die erfolgreiche Arbeit von Line Jehle für Yello in Deutschland auch in der 2007 neugegründeten Firma Yello Strom, Schweden fortzuführen.

Innerhalb kürzester Zeit ist es Line Jehle gelungen unsere neuen schwedischen Kundenbetreuer und Teamleiter an das Yello-typische Kundenverständnis heranzuführen und in der Folge die Kommunikation im schwedischen Call Center nachhaltig zu verbessern. Nicht nur die positiven Rückmeldung der Call Center Mitarbeiter sind ein Indiz für ihre gute Arbeit. Yello Strom konnte innerhalb kurzer Zeit auf dem schwedischen Strommarkt bei unabhängigen Service-Test punkten – nicht zuletzt wegen der hohen Kundenorientierung im Service und Line Jehles toller Arbeit dort.

Gerne empfehle ich Line Jehle und würde nicht zögern auch in Zukunft wieder mit ihr zusammenzuarbeiten.

Volker Abt

Managing Director at Gazprom Energy,
29. Januar 2010, Volker Abt war Kunde von Line Jehle

I have been working with Line Jehle on different occasions. She has always impressed me with her ability to capture quickly the issue, provide a concept to tackle it and remain flexible when facilitating workshops so client’s benefit is maximised – in short: efficient and really customer oriented – thank you!

Hendrik Krampe

Director Finance Marketing & Platform Services at Amazon Europe,
6. August 2009, Hendrik Krampe war Kunde von Line Jehle