Leadership programs on all leadership levels

An outstanding balance of theory, experiential and contextual learning and sharing between participants. Our programs offer a solid leadership toolbox and business skills, always with a focus on how to apply them, both personally and within the organizational context. Our programs are conducted as face to face trainings and virtual web sessions and have strong focus on connecting the leaders across the organisation, functions and locations.


Leadership trainings on demand

A wide range of leadership trainings are offered. The trainings are designed and customized directly for the individual company’s needs.


Leadership Branding

Inspire others and attract the right followers.

Is it easy to follow you? Do you attract the right people? Do you really know the value you add for others? Do you inspire others with your brand?

An authentic leadership brand conveys your identity and distinctiveness as a leader and creates trust through authentic behaviours.


Contextual leadership

The notion of context and the concept of contextual intelligence plays an important role for leading others in a global organisation. How well do you really know the context of the people you lead? Do you adapt your way of leading to his or her context?

Leading individuals to GROW and perform means that we need to focus stronger on the HOW we lead and adapt that to the context of the individual. Coaching for success.


Navigation in complexity

Leading in global context means being exposed to different sources of complexity: organization, culture, communication technology, environmental changes.

How do you GROW and lead others in a complex and network like organisation?  How do you cope with the complexity yourself? Do you know how to navigate without clear targets? How do you keep the people focused when the road is not clear?


Shaping global dialog and mastering technology

How to use the right media for the right setting? How to communicate with team members, partners, customers over media?  How to develop a proactive voicing culture across the locations? How to facilitate online sessions/conference calls and web meetings? How to develop your own leadership identity over media?


Virtual leadership - Closeness at a Distance

Virtual teams and Online Leadership Identity

How to lead people, teams and projects remotely? How to be available and build productive relationships despite the distance? How to reduce the feeling of physical separation and create virtual closeness? How to create a shared team culture?